Fabulous Review!


I just received a fabulous review and I feel like dancing in a pretty field of wild flowers! I have to share. Thank you, Debra!!

“I wanted someone like Style Erin for many years. I have been working with Erin for over a year and she helped to shape my style. She has helped me clean out my closet, pair outfits, and shop for the items I need for the season. She determined my basic style and helped to enhance it. She never tries to influence my style with what she prefers.  She doesn’t try to make my style too trendy either. Erin is very open to sending and receiving texts while I am shopping to ensure I am purchasing the appropriate pieces needed to enhance my wardrobe. She has made me enjoy getting dressed and I love my clothes! Erin encourages me to think about my clothes in a new way in order to use all of the items in my closet. She is flexible with my schedule, a lot of fun to be with, and always encouraging. I highly recommend Style Erin. I feel lucky to have found her help!”

Polka Dots!


It’s a polka dot kind of day! Love this polka dot top from H&M…its flirty and feminine. And where would I be without my silk joggers? I can’t imagine!! They’ve become my go-to pant during this transition season.

Mirror, Mirror!


Mirror, mirror on the wall, which heels are the prettiest of all…beauteous mauve OR lovely lavender? I felt like a princess trying on shoe after shoe yesterday in the TJ Maxx Runway section. Now if they only had my size in all of them!!

Denim Bermudas!


Oh how I love my denim bermudas! They are versatile, effortless and pair well with a blazer and heels, button-down and wedges or even a tee and gladiators. Why not take a break from your shorter shorts and try some denim bermudas!!