Style Erin


My name is Erin Heffelfinger and I am the owner of Style Erin, a personal wardrobe styling company. Style Erin provides guidance on colors, patterns, designs, clothing, shoes and accessories for a given client. After attending James Madison University, I spent 3 years in NYC working in marketing/design, as well as, continuing my education at the School of Visual Arts. Upon leaving the Big Apple, I headed to Richmond, VA, where I worked for 5 years as a creative director in the bridal industry. In 2005, we moved to Virginia Beach. I became a full-time freelance designer, had 3 beautiful children and nestled into a happy beach lifestyle.

Now that my kids are in school, I am able to focus on my true passion…fashion. Hence, the creation of Style Erin! I live and breathe fashion. I feel that my keen eye for color, line and design enable me to help my clients achieve their ultimate style identity. I spend a lot of time in NYC pounding the pavement to find the latest trends, the “new to me” designers and that must-have item. As a family that enjoys traveling, I’m always searching for cute local boutiques and the best places to shop wherever we may be. Style Erin is me…and my love of fashion.

Style Erin offers a wide variety of in-person services to suit your needs. Whether your closet is screaming for an overhaul, you need something new for a special event or you just don’t have the time to shop, we are here for you. As your personal wardrobe stylist, I am committed to helping you to achieve your ultimate style identity!

Erin Heffelfinger


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