Style Yes

“I wanted someone like Style Erin for many years.  I have been working with Erin for over a year and she helped to shape my style. She has helped me clean out my closet, pair outfits, and shop for the items I need for the season.  She determined my basic style and helped to enhance it.  She never tries to influence my style with what she prefers.  She doesn’t try to make my style to trendy. Erin is very open to sending and receiving texts while I am shopping to ensure I am purchasing the appropriate pieces needed to enhance my wardrobe.  She has made me enjoy getting dressed and I love my clothes.  Erin encourages me to think about my clothes in a new way in order to use all of the items in my closet.  She is flexible with my schedule, a lot of fun to be with, and always encouraging.  I highly recommend Style Erin.  I feel lucky to have found her help!” Debra

“I did a closet audit with Style Erin.  I had a closet full of nice clothes with nothing to wear.  I would walk in my closet, turn around and walk out, and go buy something else.  It was overwhelming.
Erin came in and knocked it out of the park.  She did not judge or waste anytime.  She valued my time and money, she worked hard.  I tried on clothes to find for the best fit and color for my body.  The six hours flew by.
After she left, my closet was in great shape.  It was a reflection of me and my style.  It looked like me.  Erin gave me a list of a few items I needed.  I had a large amount of clothes to consign after she left.
Erin actually saved me money.  Now, I try things on and look for the right fit.  I don’t just buy because I love that brand.  I also text her with possible purchases to make sure I don’t fill my closet up with new and unworn clothes, again.”  Allison

“Erin came into my closet knowledgeable, happy and helpful!! She took her time to get to know what I liked and tailored her visit to what would look best on ME. We purged 2 bags of clothes and the clothes that were left, I saw in a whole new light!  Erin then shopped for key pieces I needed to complete my wardrobe to bring it all together. She picked some fun pieces as well. It was all online so I just had to point and click. I feel much better in the morning when I get dressed – there is no more “what should I wear?” and “does this go with that?”. I actually have cute outfits!! I also feel more confident when shopping alone by keeping Erin in the front of my mind…“would Erin recommend this?”. She is so much fun and really loves what she does. It is a GREAT experience. Can’t wait for Spring!!” Christy

“I highly recommend Style Erin!  I feel like I got a closet audit and style lesson in one!  Erin really knows her stuff and is very knowledgable about what is on trend, what is fashion forward, and the trends that need to go.  I especially appreciated learning how to define my own personal style and put together clothes I already own together in different ways.  Erin showed me how to dress down my favorite “going out tops” and dress up my collection of t-shirts and tank tops so I’m actually wearing the clothes in my closet.  After the appointment I received an email with pics, links, and suggestions to round out my current wardrobe to give me direction in the future.  I have received many compliments on my outfits since my closet audit.  My husband even says he loves my “new look”.  Little does he know I’m wearing clothes that I already had but were just sitting in my closet because I didn’t know what to wear them.  Thank you, Erin!  Worth every penny!”  Claire

“My closet audit with Style Erin was incredible.  When Erin was finished, my closet was organized, functional, and filled with clothes that I could actually wear. Personally, I felt more confident and excited about my own clothing.  Erin is so good at what she does for a number of reasons. (1) She appreciates different styles.  Erin helped determine my own style and never tried to make me into anything I am not or did not feel comfortable with.  (2) Erin is not judgmental at all! She helped me identify my outdated and unflattering clothing but highlighted pieces I haven’t worn in years that work for me. (3) Erin showed me HOW to wear certain pieces (for example, cardigans). This tip alone has made a huge difference! (4) Erin taught me about tailoring and rescued a number of pieces by just showing me how to have them altered. (5) Erin left me armed with a list of wardrobe essentials I should invest in.  Now I can be focused in my shopping and get clothing to serve many purposes.  I am SO GLAD I hired Erin and I cannot wait to have her back to help me plan more outfits!”  Gillian

“I had a closet audit done by Style Erin. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about allowing someone to come into my personal space like that. Needless to say—I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!  Erin Heffelfinger is so talented in what she does. She took my closet full of “nothing to wear” and turned it into more outfits than I could have imagined. It was a huge learning experience for me & now I look at clothes completely differently than I did before. I would do it over again & probably will in the Spring!”  Michelle

“Style Erin came into my life at just the right time. Having a baby 3 months prior, I was stuck with a closet full of clothes and had no idea what would work for me. I didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new wardrobe while my body was transitioning. Erin came in and audited my closet. I was a little nervous about it. After all, your clothes say a lot about you.  It was such a positive experience. Erin helped me pick outfits for work, daytime, and going out using pieces from my closet that I would have never thought to put together and looked fabulous. She went through my closet and suggested basic staples that were missing at different price points and let me know when she found some of her suggestions at different stores. Not only was working with Erin a wonderful experience, it allowed me to feel confident in my own clothes and helped me feel like myself again. If you are looking to revamp your closet, redefine or discover your style, or even learn what to look for when shopping for clothes, Style Erin is the best choice for you!”  Valentina

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work today! I know I may have seemed sad but it truly was just the hoarder in me not wanting to let go of all of the stuff! I think I loved walking into my closet and having so many things even though I did not wear most of it. It feels good to have so much room for new quality purchases! I learned valuable skills to build my wardrobe and would much rather save up for those key pieces than buy a bunch of things that fall apart. I will definitely keep you posted as I start to add to my closet and you can use any photos that you want! I will gladly recommend you to many of my girlfriends that are so jealous that I had this experience today!”  Ashley

“I had an absolutely amazing experience having my closet audit with Style Erin.  Erin helped me understand the value of well-made clothing and that it is well worth spending the extra money on key pieces.  She kept with my style but helped me put together ensembles out of my closet that I would have never considered and that I absolutely love!  Although I did get rid of lots of items I am not missing any of it!  I have some great pieces that make up for it. I can honestly say that when I put together my outfit for the day my first thought is “What would Erin do?” At the end of the day I received a follow up email from Erin highlighting outfits from my closet for work, play, and a night out and a list of key items that I need to add to my closet. Needless to say I had an amazing time!  I highly recommend Style Erin!  I promise it will make you feel amazing and refreshed!”Maureen

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